In memory of Chloe

One of my closest friends lost his daughter today, in the most tragic, cruel and inconceivable of circumstances.  The shock of it persists and will for some time to come.  I simply don’t have the words to express the grief and sympathy that I feel.  They’ve been crowded out by a deep sense of loss.   This post is in honour of a bright, beautiful, special little girl, who was loved by all who knew her, and who was like family to me.  She will be dearly missed.

Rest in peace Chloe.  It was a privilege to have known you.  You’re gone from us, but you’ll never be forgotten.


4 responses to “In memory of Chloe

  1. marie anne menage

    May your friend find Peace along the days, and keep her in his heart all of his life. My most sincere thoughts are with the family. ****

  2. I imagine there is no pain more far-reaching and deeper than losing a child. My heart and prayers go out to the family at this most difficult time.

  3. Patrick,
    I am very sorry to hear about your loss. Since I have two small boys of my own, I can’t even imagine what you and your friends are going through. I would most certainly be devastated. My condolences to you and your friends.

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