Father’s Day 2012

The below went out to the WHISKYdotcoza database today.  Please feel free to partake if it’s of interest.

Father’s Day is nearly upon us.  This year it takes place on June 17.  It’s an annual opportunity to specially celebrate one of the most important people in our lives.  My own father kindled my love of whisky, and I can’t think of a better gift for whisky-loving dads than a fine bottle of the golden nectar.

This year, for a very limited time (the offer expires at 08h00 on the morning of Wednesday 13 June), WHISKYdotcoza is offering a complimentary set of six specialist glasses (see below) with every bottle of Michel Couvreur whisky.

Epic glasses!

These are the glasses that I use to drink my whisky – they’re epic glasses for epic whisky.  Note though that stocks are limited, and will be allocated on a first come, first served basis.  However, if you miss out on the glasses, we’ll provide you with a complimentary gift bag and card – there’ll be a little extra for all fathers on this special occasion.

Michel Couvreur is a French whisky craftsman of long-standing.  Read about him and his whiskies here.  We offer his Overaged Malt, and his Special Vatting on our site, but we’ve also secured highly limited quantities (because that’s all that was available) of his super-premium products, about which you can contact us directly (on info@whisky.co.za) .  The unique (and I mean unique) 1983 might be a great option for the more patient dads, who’re willing to wait whilst we arrange an individual, customised bottling.

We wish you and your dads a wonderful Father’s Day.  May the dram be with you!


One response to “Father’s Day 2012

  1. We’ve had a few queries over email about our complimentary Father’s Day glasses, so here’s a brief run-down. They’re made by Libbey, one of the world’s premier glassware manufacturers, so they’re top quality. They taper inwards dramatically from base to rim, so they focus the aroma carrying vapours thereby facilitating the nosing (i.e. smelling) of the whisky. They accommodate a healthy 200ml, so they can be used for both tasting and regular drinking. I particularly like the fact that they’re robust and comfortable in the palm of my hand, unlike the daintier copita-style glass or even the Glencairn glass. As I said – epic glasses.

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