About me

South Africa based writer, aspiring to the good life.

I’m a Mountain-worshipping Capetonian (and proud of it), and I can usually be found riding my scooter when I’m not working, writing, or enjoying good food and drink.  I’ve also lived in Mauritius, where I was born, and thereafter in Durban, Taichung (Taiwan), Johannesburg, Rome (where my fearless scooter riding skills were forged on the white-hot fire of a road that they call “il Colombo”), and London.  However, Cape Town aside, Edinburgh is probably my favourite city, and one which I’ve had the good fortune to visit frequently.  It too has a mountain of sorts, but more importantly it also has an endless retail selection of fine whiskies.  I live with my three dogs under the rule of a generally benevolent but unpredictable regime.

Food and whisky – two of my favourite things


7 responses to “About me

  1. Great news about your new blog!!!! Those whiskey-fans are going to love you out there.

  2. I wish you all the best and success. Lay it out there with abandon and great English – or should I say – Educate us with your expansive knowledge in the most profound English you can muster. Or you can ‘Just Do It’!

  3. Thanks Mark. I look forward to your contributions.

  4. Jamey Lipschitz

    All the very best for your new venture P and look forward to purchasing a bottle from the first shipment.

  5. Cool. I like it. All the best!


  6. Welcome to the world of whisky blogging. As a fellow South African whisky blogger I’m happy to have you aboard; plenty of room for all of us, and definitely enough whisky to go round! All the best with the new online store as well. Cheers and slainte!

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