Bascule photo shoot part 2

Well, our excursion to the Bascule was most enjoyable, if not entirely successful.  They were out of pure pot still (damn!) so I had to think quickly to appease my palate.  I ended up trying the Sazerac 6yo rye whiskey, and the Nikka Hokkaido 12yo pure malt (which prompted me to wonder if the Japanese will follow the Scottish lead and change this descriptor to “blended malt”).  Earlier this year I had tasted the delicious, award-winning Sazerac 18yo rye, courtesy of my friends at Liquidity (thanks Emil), and I must say that its little brother isn’t too far behind: all the zinging spiciness that you’d expect from a rye but well-balanced and with a smooth finish.  The Hokkaido also had a pleasing equilibrium, dancing in the mouth from buttery to fragrant.  My drinking companions took the paths more travelled, thoroughly relishing the Macallan 12yo sherry oak and Glenfiddich 15yo solera reserve.

The photo-shoot objective was accomplished to our satisfaction, with my brother Fred behind the lens.  I’ll be the first to admit that our family wasn’t front of the queue when artistic talents were handed out, but we seemed to have grabbed a few nuggets here and there.  Judge for yourselves.


One response to “Bascule photo shoot part 2

  1. Glad to hear that you enjoyed our Sazerac 6yo Patrick, and I see the Buffalo Trace also made it into one of the shots!

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