Welcome to Words on Whisky!

I’m taking the opportunity of this my first post to introduce myself and my motivation to blog on this subject.  I’m in my mid-30’s and looking back my partiality to whisky seems inevitable. I come from a community where whisky has almost exclusively been the drink of choice for generations.  Sure there was beer and wine, but my grandparents, parents, aunts and uncles were largely oblivious of any spirit other than whisky.  I was pouring my father his evening Scotch before I could read, and the drink’s colour and rich aroma made a lasting impression.  In my teens many of the bands to which I listened seemed inspired by the muse of whisky (there was no doubt also a fair amount of abuse)…and so my fascination grew.  Songs such as Thin Lizzy’s “Whiskey in the Jar”, and the Doors’ “Whisky Bar” remain amongst my favourites.  Later I joined the industry, and since then I’ve had the opportunity to work in various capacities with some of the world’s most renowned whisky brands, and visit a few epic distilleries in the whisky father and motherlands (Ireland and Scotland, of course).  More recently I’m involved in the launch of an online shop specializing in whisky.  It’s called WHISKYdotcoza, located if I may state the obvious at www.whisky.co.za, and it should be up and running in the next 2 months.  On this blog though I look forward to sharing my experiences and thoughts on all things whisky and engaging with fellow enthusiasts, whisky novices, and indeed anyone interested in this golden nectar of the gods.  Thanks for visiting – and may the dram be with you!


4 responses to “Welcome to Words on Whisky!

  1. Go Pat Go! Keep us posted on some exciting stuff, good luck! Rgds dick

  2. Stunning blog! Well done. Regards Linda

  3. Great blog – looking forward to reading more. Regards Mandy

  4. I like to get totally off my face on whisky – so should you! Thanks, Pat!

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